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The importance of having good travel insurance

Travel insurance should not be considered optional – find out why it’s necessary to have travel insurance, before your next trip!

Travelling can have a number of risks, whether you are travelling for work or leisure. Planning a trip has so many elements that must be remembered, travel insurance is one of those things you’d rather not think about, or forget to arrange altogether. If you think back on times you have travelled before, not much (if anything) went wrong, so is travel insurance even worth the cost? The simple answer, is yes!

Importance of travel insurance in case of accident
When looking at travel insurance and thinking what to insure against, there are four main things that could go wrong on a trip, the first being a medical emergency or evacuation. Regardless of whether your trip is for pleasure or for work, you could fall ill or be involved in an accident at any time, necessitating hospitalisation and medical treatment. Your regular medical cover may not be valid outside your country of residence, and it’s a reality that medical costs are hugely inflated for foreigners. If your trip involves some sort of sport or activity, like skiing, mountain climbing or horse riding, travel insurance is not something to skimp on. Insurance companies love to tell scary stories of the astronomical costs of emergency medical treatment abroad – for once, it’s not just a sales pitch.

Another insurable risk is trip cancellation – whether you had to cancel for your own reasons, or the company/hotel/airline you’re booked with suddenly goes bust – you would want to be able to recover some if not all of the costs. An obvious one too, is loss of baggage or personal belongings, notably wallets, passports and cameras. Travelers are known for being on the naïve side and are easily distracted by clever and quick-handed thieves, who prey on the fact that you’re not familiar with your surrounds, the language or the customs of the country you are visiting.

A cancelled flight, or cancelled connecting flight is another nightmare. Having travel insurance to cover this gives you peace of mind that you will get to your destination, without having to pay twice for flights.

Our team at Journeez has lots of experience and our share of scary travel stories, but also great experience and contacts in travel insurance, for leisure and corporate travel. Contact us if you’d like to find out more when booking your next trip."
Some credit card companies, health care providers or banks offer free travel insurance to their members – this is great, but make sure you know exactly what you’re covered for, and the exclusions, of which there may be many. Often, an upgrade on an existing free policy increasing your cover is not very expensive, but very much worth it in the end.

You might be a happy-go-lucky type of traveller, carrying nothing of great value in your backpack and content to ‘go with the flow’ of life’s little upsets, but that’s not the case for many travellers, especially those on corporate travel trips. Travel insurance can be the decision that makes or breaks your journey, so do your homework before booking your next trip.

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